Västerås Industrial History Society

Introduction to “Industrihistoriska föreningen i Västerås” (Industrial History Society of Västerås) and the web page www.industristaden.se (industrial city).

You will find in this website (top tabs):
"Internetboken" (The Internet book) includes about 70 written stories told by persons with experience from the industrial development of the city with the following bullets:

"Filmer". This is a list of available films produced by us. There are links to Youtube, where you can view trailers and some complete films. You can purchase a DVD or a USB stick with a film from us. Contact us if you are interested.

"Böcker”. This is a list of our books. The most recent ones are for sale. Contact us if you are interested.

"Länkar" (Links) to relevant other websites.

"Om oss" (About us) presents the society.

Lectures We invite members to lectures with relevant content. (All in swedish).

Studiebesök We invite members to visit museums, industries and historical places of interest.

ASEAs historiska samlingar We invite groups to visit the historical collections of ASEA, located in Västerås. It started as the ASEA museum in 1919.

Should you have questions, please feel welcome to send an e-mail to industristaden@gmail.com

Background to the forming of the Industrial History Society of Västerås

Västerås transformed in the 20th century to an industrial city of significant importance for Sweden and internationally. A group of people in Västerås started to collate material and publishing a couple of books, including some of the material in the “Internetboken” (Internet book) above. This lead to the forming of the Industrial society of Västerås in the year 2006.

About Västerås

Västerås is a city of about 150.000 inhabitants, which is situated about 100 km west of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Västerås is the home town of the electromechanical company ABB (previously named Asea), which was founded 1883 and dominated the city during the 20th century. It brought a lot of technical research and development to the city. ABB is still very active and there are nowadays a lot of other industries as well.  You will find information about Västerås in Wikipedia.